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We provide assistance in paying bills (invoice) to the card
to China cash in both directions.

китайский флаг доллары деньгиQUICKLY! PROFITABLE! RELIABLE!

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Invoice, credit card

1) Fill in bank details or send to fill in your supplier in China.

1) bank account number in RMB / 收款 账号
2) the name of the bank / 银行
3) city and region branch of the bank / 开户 行 网点 支行
4) the name and surname of the recipient / 收款人
5) the recipient’s phone number / 收款人 电话
6) the amount in RMB to be credited to the account / 人民币 总 金额

2) Please send the completed file to

3) After the application has been processed, the manager will contact you and agree on the payment option.

Conditions and contacts


1$- 500$ = 5$ 

 500$-10000$ 1%

>10000$ = by agreement

How to calculate:

Amount to be paid in RMB/course ¥=sum $ + comission



6000¥/6,72=892.86$+1%=901,76 $

The current course is at the top of our site.

If you have any questions, contact us in any way you want.

+38(067) 856-10-10

Wechat ID: Trans-agent

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